13 reasons why not! 

 Goodnight you said; Goodbye she said! 

Little did you know about the pain she beared.

Don’t leave me, she said; Leave me alone, you begged!

She didn’t think twice, because she cared!

Now it’s too late for you to care!

 Words! So wonderful, yet so dangerous. They can piece a heart, or please it! It can liberate your soul or ignite it. Can fuel your dreams or break it. Can invite connection or obstruct it!

 Why not think twice before using it?

  • Every 40 seconds, someone in the world dies by suicide!
  • Every 41 seconds, someone is left to make sense of it

 Let your words not be the reason for you sensing this in next 41 seconds! 

 People who die by suicide don’t want to end their lives. They want to end their pain!


 You turned her heart cold, she made her body turn cold!

Blue lips and blue viens, no loved one wants to see this pain!

The words you said are in her heart as stains! Now you will sense it, every time it rains!

Don’t be the ‘YOU’ when someone suicidal talks to you. When they say, “help me!”  Please do it. You might save a life! Don’t ignore them saying “it will go away” because it doesn’t! Don’t let suicide swallow them up again!

 Hannah had “13 reasons why” she chose to give up! 

I have “13 reasons why not” to give up! 

  1.  You have a purpose!
  2. You are loved by someone!
  3. You are stronger than what you think you are.
  4. You are not alone!
  5.  You are given strength to persevere!
  6. You are created by him for his glory.
  7. All the tough situations are empowering you!
  8. Haters don’t matter.
  9. Humanity needs a beautiful soul like you!
  10. One day your smile is going to be real!
  11. It gets better with time.
  12. You are beautiful and amazing!
  13. Above all, nobody is worth risking your life for! 


All the love for you from me !


24 thoughts on “13 reasons why not! 

  1. For all those who are thinking to give up, think why have you held on for so long and keep going. It’s gonna be okay. You are gonna be okay!
    You matter.
    (And shona your words💕💪😭)

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