Remember Your Betrayal?

I will remember and recover; not forgive and forget! – Said by the wisest women once and moved on! 

Forever isn’t a myth until betrayal comes in!

In this two faced cruel little world, betrayals are very common. Some own up, some don’t! 

Not all own the courage of accepting it; some might stab you and tell the world that they’re the ones bleeding! 

Ironic right? 

But the truth doesn’t change and the world knows it!  

      You might hurt with your words, betray with your deeds and that’s all you can do. 

The best part is if a poet falls in love with you; you can never die! Neither your deeds nor your actions! It’s caught up in the world of readers and you have been caught down here

  I regret saying yes, but how do I regret making you and me ‘US’ ?

You have a part of me, the part I crave for! How you don’t regret taking it away from me? 

The little attention was love for me. Fake promises and bragged compliments too!  How the entire ocean of love from me wasn’t enough for you to love me too? 

Day and Night, to the moon’s sight, talks without fright and fear of tomorrow’s fight, can you forget them too? 

Was I so unworthy of your little attention and time too? 

Is everybody so cold hearted? Or is it just YOU? 


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