Woman that loves! 

A woman : Definition of Love ♥️


“There is nothing more beautiful than the way the sea refuses to stop kissing the shore line, no matter how many times it has been sent away!”

The urge of the sea is as same as the urge in the eyes of a woman in love! Nothing can STOP her. A woman is a universe of feelings caught up in a person. The fire inside her will give you warmth on lonely winter nights but the same fire is enough to burn you alive too, if you come her way! Her way of love is a path of roses but be aware of thorns too. It’s undoubted and authentic. Passionate and never ending! 
This is to all the strong women who refuse to give up on love no matter what life brings to her! My dear you deserve love too!

There‘s a universe inside you!

Its been quite a while, and I hope you only see the constellations that scintillate in your smile! 

                                                                                     And  I have heard there are billions of galaxies scattered in the sky, but I swear at least half of them are resting in your eyes!                               

There are lakhs of stars shining bright in that wide sky, some of them shoot down while you wish for love and cry!                                                

 It’s been a long time, that the moon in you has turned hiding it’s dark and feary sight. Face them darling, without the guilty fright! 

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