Woman that loves! 

A woman : Definition of Love ♥️


“There is nothing more beautiful than the way the sea refuses to stop kissing the shore line, no matter how many times it has been sent away!”

The urge of the sea is as same as the urge in the eyes of a woman in love! Nothing can STOP her. A woman is a universe of feelings caught up in a person. The fire inside her will give you warmth on lonely winter nights but the same fire is enough to burn you alive too, if you come her way! Her way of love is a path of roses but be aware of thorns too. It’s undoubted and authentic. Passionate and never ending! 
This is to all the strong women who refuse to give up on love no matter what life brings to her! My dear you deserve love too!

There‘s a universe inside you!

Its been quite a while, and I hope you only see the constellations that scintillate in your smile! 

                                                                                     And  I have heard there are billions of galaxies scattered in the sky, but I swear at least half of them are resting in your eyes!                               

There are lakhs of stars shining bright in that wide sky, some of them shoot down while you wish for love and cry!                                                

 It’s been a long time, that the moon in you has turned hiding it’s dark and feary sight. Face them darling, without the guilty fright! 

PAIN : Your way to HAPPINESS!

“Universe falls in love with a stubborn heart!”

Beautifully quoted by someone. But how long can a hurting heart stay stubborn? Eventually, there’s a time when you let it go, when you just can’t hold on to the pain anymore.

Yes, John Green said it right!

Pain is the strongest emotion of all. We can’t overcome it easily. And the only way to escape this emotion is to feel it. Feel it so deep that you drown in it, UNTIL YOU KNOW HOW TO SWIM THROUGH IT!

I know the pain is real, but so is HOPE!

Hope is your first step towards HEALING, towards your own HAPPINESS!



There are times when you are full of emotions,


There are times when you are feeling absolutely numb!

There are times when you just want to cry all the pain out silently in your blanket on that dark gloomy night,


There are times when you want to laugh so hard that you forget all of it!

There are times when you want to drink all that pain away on a Saturday Night


There are times when you want to stay up all sober on a Monday Afternoon just staring at the wall, over thinking every possible situation.

Maybe, today is the day you take a step!

  • Stop waiting for a Friday to party with your friends
  • Save money and get your dream dress or the camera you always wished to own.
  • Take a solo trip to your dream destination
  • Work hard for the summer body you dreamt of!

Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it.






Remember, you are just a step away towards achieving your own happiness

All the love for you, from me!!


13 reasons why not! 

 Goodnight you said; Goodbye she said! 

Little did you know about the pain she beared.

Don’t leave me, she said; Leave me alone, you begged!

She didn’t think twice, because she cared!

Now it’s too late for you to care!

 Words! So wonderful, yet so dangerous. They can piece a heart, or please it! It can liberate your soul or ignite it. Can fuel your dreams or break it. Can invite connection or obstruct it!

 Why not think twice before using it?

  • Every 40 seconds, someone in the world dies by suicide!
  • Every 41 seconds, someone is left to make sense of it

 Let your words not be the reason for you sensing this in next 41 seconds! 

 People who die by suicide don’t want to end their lives. They want to end their pain!


 You turned her heart cold, she made her body turn cold!

Blue lips and blue viens, no loved one wants to see this pain!

The words you said are in her heart as stains! Now you will sense it, every time it rains!

Don’t be the ‘YOU’ when someone suicidal talks to you. When they say, “help me!”  Please do it. You might save a life! Don’t ignore them saying “it will go away” because it doesn’t! Don’t let suicide swallow them up again!

 Hannah had “13 reasons why” she chose to give up! 

I have “13 reasons why not” to give up! 

  1.  You have a purpose!
  2. You are loved by someone!
  3. You are stronger than what you think you are.
  4. You are not alone!
  5.  You are given strength to persevere!
  6. You are created by him for his glory.
  7. All the tough situations are empowering you!
  8. Haters don’t matter.
  9. Humanity needs a beautiful soul like you!
  10. One day your smile is going to be real!
  11. It gets better with time.
  12. You are beautiful and amazing!
  13. Above all, nobody is worth risking your life for! 


All the love for you from me !

Remember Your Betrayal?

I will remember and recover; not forgive and forget! – Said by the wisest women once and moved on! 

Forever isn’t a myth until betrayal comes in!

In this two faced cruel little world, betrayals are very common. Some own up, some don’t! 

Not all own the courage of accepting it; some might stab you and tell the world that they’re the ones bleeding! 

Ironic right? 

But the truth doesn’t change and the world knows it!  

      You might hurt with your words, betray with your deeds and that’s all you can do. 

The best part is if a poet falls in love with you; you can never die! Neither your deeds nor your actions! It’s caught up in the world of readers and you have been caught down here

  I regret saying yes, but how do I regret making you and me ‘US’ ?

You have a part of me, the part I crave for! How you don’t regret taking it away from me? 

The little attention was love for me. Fake promises and bragged compliments too!  How the entire ocean of love from me wasn’t enough for you to love me too? 

Day and Night, to the moon’s sight, talks without fright and fear of tomorrow’s fight, can you forget them too? 

Was I so unworthy of your little attention and time too? 

Is everybody so cold hearted? Or is it just YOU?